Cuddle Babies are great for toddler and young children as a first, more defined doll.

They measure about 12 inches/31cm and are perfect for babies and toddlers little hands. 
Cuddle Babies are soft and have no small parts that could be swallowed!
The face and hands are made from 100% cotton jersey knit from the Netherlands.
The head and body is filled with soft, clean sheep wool.

Cotton Cuddle Babies

Cotton Cuddle Babies
come with a body made from 100% cotton fabric and have a pointy hat , head scarf or beanie also from 100% cotton fabric or wool. 
The hat is sewn onto the head and can not be removed.
Eyes, mouth and hair are embroidered.
Pigtails or braids can be added.



Velour Cuddle Babies

Velour  Cuddle Babies
have a body made from cotton velour.
Eyes and mouth are embroidered.
The hair on these cuddle babies is either made from wool, cotton or bamboo and is sewn onto the head. The hair comes in different styles and length .
If you would like mohair, boucle or extra fine cotton wool, this can be done for an additional fee .


Velour Cuddle Baby girls come with a reversible dress and a headband or head scarf.
The boys come with an overall and scarf, hat or bandana.

Extra clothes can be ordered for an additional fee.


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