Work on the Creative Space

Once again I have a creative space above ground.  No longer in the basement in a partially separated corner, but in a room upstairs in our new home. A room just to myself!

I'm such a lucky woman! It's not huge or even big like all those beautiful craft rooms you see on Pinterest, but I will make it work for me.

Want to see what it looked like when the movers had finished the unload?

The room was so full it took me half a day just to be able to get boxes out of the way and to move the futon to the window.


A day later it looked already a lot more like my room 


Now I'm at the point where I'm organizing all my fabric.

A few years back I rolled most of it on comic book backs so that it can stand nicely side by side in a book shelf. It's easy to see what you have that way and easy to access. The only problem is you can't fit as much fabric in a shelf as you would when you fold and stack it. Since I have limited space I decided to take them off the comic book backs and fold and stack them instead


It looks nice like this, doesn't it?

And this is what it looks like when it's folded and stacked . I like it too . 

I still have all the fabrics from the other picture to fold, sort by color and stack. I can't wait to see the whole room when it's done and get back to creating. 

It has been a while and I miss it so much......