A Doll of the North

For some time now I wanted to make some dolls that reflect the North.

Meet my newest creation. A 7.5 inch/19 cm tall doll with real fur trim around the hood and bottom of her coat and seal skin boots. The coat and pants are made from cotton velour and the doll is stuffed with sheep wool.

I can see some people cringing but it's as natural as you can get and authentic. Up in the North fur is widely used and doesn't come from farmed animals. People use all parts of the animal and depend on them for food. I use scraps of fur that is left form making clothing like mitts and boots for example, that would otherwise be thrown away.

It is important to me to have dolls in my line up that also represent the people and their children in the area where we live. I plan to make more dolls in different sizes like my toddler dolls and large dolls. I'm excited to see what I can come up with.  :)

I started a little while back with some dolls for infants and babies that have cotton sherpa  as "fur" around the hood and bottom. They are easy to handle by little hands and safe to " mouth". If needed that type of doll can also be washed.