A New Year


A new year is here what means it's time for a new start.

I don't make New Year Resolutions but try to get reorganized in what I would like to accomplish and how to go about it.  Life does not always cooperate with my plans and since those plans are not set in stone I go with the flow. This is why at times it might be quiet around here for longer periods of time but it doesn't mean I quit, just that other things in life took up more time.

Last fall we moved into a new home and it took a while to get set up again and I also changed jobs. Things are more relaxed now and I'm feeling the need to get creative again and finally give all the ideas I have a chance to materialize . I wish I could show you already what I can see in my mind. I'm so excited! 

Well with that said I will go and imagine, plan, cut, sew, crochet, knit and felt and make the pictures in my head come to life.

I wish you all a wonderful year!