It has taken longer then I had hoped for , but now I can finally show you my finished sewing room . I'm so happy with my cozy creative space. The move gave me a chance to organize all my supply ,something I wanted to do for a loong time. It's just so much easier to be productive when you know what you have and where it is. That doesn't mean that it won't get messy. Messy is part of the artistic process. When I work it often looks like something exploded in my creative space, but afterwards it is cleaned up before I start a new project.

This little room will also double as guest room for my boys (who I miss a lot  !!) and family and friends as long as they aren't claustrophobic .  LOL 

So here now pictures of my kingdom! Light was not great, but you get the idea :)

Please click on the pictures to see a bigger version.