De-stash Time!

De-stash time is upon me !

With our upcoming move across the country and the dwindling hope of equal or even more space in our new home, my thinking is constantly on all my supply and how it will fit . We won't buy a house in Yellowknife since the prices up there are way too high for what you get for it and so renting is our only solution it seems. One problem is that houses don't have basements and often no garage either. In Florida we did not have a basement but we had 2500 square feet of living space plus a big garage. The  Base house we are in right now is small but has at least a basement . My sewing area is down there right now.

It's a bit scary really when you don't know yet if it will all fit.

We are going house hunting in a couple of weeks and that will clear up some uncertainties either way. I will use the time until then to go through all my supply and thin out what I don't use or need.  

As you can see I have a LOT of stuff , but if you are creative, you also know that you never quiet have enough either. I do so many different things and need different supplies for them.

However there are things stashed away that I can part with I'm sure.  :)

The plan is to go through it this week and maybe next and list things or make a folder on my facebook page with items/fabric I de-stash .

Stay tuned for updates and pictures

Wish me luck that I can get it done and may the force  be with me.......