Started working on new Pocket Dolls

I had not really planned to make dolls right now, but then last night I just felt like making a few pocket dolls. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the market season starts this Saturday and I would have loved to be part of it again.With all that is going on with our up coming move there was just no way for me to make enough to sell. Still , it would have been nice to see what a second season would have been like after my first was so good . I had so many local customers that ordered after the market season ended as well. 

Maybe I have a chance to sell local in Yellowknife as well......


So here are the 3 pocket dolls I have been working on. For one of them I have something different planned. Something I have not done before.  

No, I won't say what!  I'll show it when I'm done.   ☺

I love being creative and able to do different things, go from felting to doll making, then to making critter and back to felting or whatever else I want to do.......