I know it has been quiet around here .

One reason is that I am working on some felted items I can't show you right now.

The other reason is that we just got our posting message and after waiting for maaany weeks finally know now for sure that we are,  once again, moving. I'm looking forward to see and live in another part of this beautiful country that I call home now for over 20 years. This time we are going North , all the way to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories 

Photo by www.thestar.com

Photo by www.thestar.com

The next weeks will be busy with sorting , house hunting and moving.. 

At the moment I have no idea what my new sewing space will look like in our new home  and I hope I will have enough room for everything. For now I make no plans for projects, what doesn't mean that I won't create anything. It just will be at a slow pace (yes, even slower then I've been already...LOL) I just don't want to stress myself out on this move.

I hope to have some pictures of something I'm working on for you soon.

There is still so much to do before we leave.....