A new girl

This is my latest full size doll.

She is a gift for a sweet little girl on the other side of the big pond. She doesn't have a name yet but I'm sure her new mama will find the right one for her.

She is 20 inches/50 cm tall and has mohair hair .

This is the one side of her reversible dress

Look how nicely she models the dress.....

I know her left foot looks funny in this picture, but it's just the way the picture was taken...I didn't make sure the foot was turned  and placed properly sorry.

Here you see the other side of the dress

Playing peek-a-boo or just showing your pretty pants and soft shirt?

Look the braids are long enough to wear them up .

I think it's so cute!

Well and she wanted to show her undies and warm socks...

(socks are not made by me)

The gnome she is looking at is from my dear friend Shannon from  The Pine Cone Gnome and it is actually a hand warmer!  


We have it pretty cold up here in the NWT right now (-35C/-31F)

so I had to make her a hat,coat and scarf.

Don't want her to get cold when she travels


Oh I hope her new mom likes her as much as I do.....