What else is new?

What else is new ?

On the last weekend in March we had the Long John Jamboree . It's a big festival out on the ice that also has an art/craft market that I take part in. Markets are fun! Meeting customers and seeing peoples reaction to my creations is just wonderful. I had a great time !

Long John Jamboree 2017

Long John Jamboree 2017

Two of my favorite items for the market have been the Little Viking and my new Camp Fire Set

Little Viking

Little Viking

Camp Fire Set

Camp Fire Set

The Camp Fire Set is just great for kids of all ages. Yes, even toddler! No small parts, natural, soft and safe.

Many new creations....

Not sure if anybody is still checking in here but I thought I give it a new try and write some new blog post. Life can get pretty busy and the different social media places all take a share of my time.

Over the last half year I have done a bunch of new needle felted critter, mostly custom orders. I'm still making my Waldorf inspired dolls and toys as well, this is just something I also really enjoy

I just love working in this medium. The way the creation slowly comes together simply from wool and felting needles is just fantastic. Right now I'm not using any wire armature in my animals unless they have thin legs like the monarch butterfly for example. I'm sure I will experiment with it in the future as well . I have a bunch of ideas that will most likely need armature as well.

So here a bunch of my resent creations.   You can click on the images to see more pictures of each of the critters.  :)  

Dog Portrait Feb 2017

Dog Portrait Feb 2017

Ptarmigan Feb 2017

Ptarmigan Feb 2017

Polar Bear Feb 2017

Polar Bear Feb 2017

Polar Fox 2016

Polar Fox 2016

Bison 2016

Bison 2016

Monarch Butterfly 2016

Monarch Butterfly 2016

Little Cutie

Say " Hello" to my first custom doll of this year. She is such a cutie !

I'm always so excited to see it all come together  from the ideas the customer has ,the choices they pick and what the final doll looks like. Of course I wonder if the customer likes what I came up with and I'm so happy when they do!  

This little lady got her Good-by hug yesterday and started her journey from the North of Canada to Ohio to meet her new little momma .

So now that this cutie is done I'm working on something a little different but still all natural materials for this year.

More about this in the near future  .....


A New Year


A new year is here what means it's time for a new start.

I don't make New Year Resolutions but try to get reorganized in what I would like to accomplish and how to go about it.  Life does not always cooperate with my plans and since those plans are not set in stone I go with the flow. This is why at times it might be quiet around here for longer periods of time but it doesn't mean I quit, just that other things in life took up more time.

Last fall we moved into a new home and it took a while to get set up again and I also changed jobs. Things are more relaxed now and I'm feeling the need to get creative again and finally give all the ideas I have a chance to materialize . I wish I could show you already what I can see in my mind. I'm so excited! 

Well with that said I will go and imagine, plan, cut, sew, crochet, knit and felt and make the pictures in my head come to life.

I wish you all a wonderful year!

Market Day...

The last few weeks have been very busy . Between my day job at the SPCA and a wonderful visit from our oldest son and his wife and our middle son living with us for a few weeks and staying in my sewing room , not much time was spend on creating products for the market.

I started the market  2 weeks after the season began but now I'm in the swing of things.

It was very windy what is always challenging. Brochures and display stands are on the move if you don't keep an eye on them but at least it was dry.

Lots of people came out and it was nice to see so many showing interest in my creations.

It feels good to be a part of the market and I'm happy that I am creating again!

Looking forward to next week.

If you are in the area, come by and say hello .

Getting ready...

I'm very excited that I've been accepted to the local farmers market here in Yellowknife..

The market runs from 2. June to 15. September Tuesdays from 5:15 pm -7:30 pm.


Right now I'm trying hard to get as much made as possible in the time I have beside my day job at the animal shelter. Do to unforeseen  changes in staffing at the shelter in the last couple of month I'm way behind in creating, yet I did not want to pass on this fabulous chance to sell local.

Yesterday the paper shopping bags I had ordered arrived....

Last week the sheep wool batts I ordered arrived as well. This is what 30 lbs of wool in a vacuum bag look like.. It will last me for a while  

These pocket dolls are in their final stage of work. Hopefully something for everyone.

Millie helps fundraising

You might have seen little Millie here before when I first finished her. The poor girl was waiting for a new mommy and home now for a long time now.

Maybe it was meant to be because I came up with a different way to find her a home. 

As some of you know I work at the SPCA up here in Yellowknife and they have a BIG fundraising Gala.

Millie adopted a little dog and both of them raised some money for our shelter pets at the auction.


A new girl

This is my latest full size doll.

She is a gift for a sweet little girl on the other side of the big pond. She doesn't have a name yet but I'm sure her new mama will find the right one for her.

She is 20 inches/50 cm tall and has mohair hair .

This is the one side of her reversible dress

Look how nicely she models the dress.....

I know her left foot looks funny in this picture, but it's just the way the picture was taken...I didn't make sure the foot was turned  and placed properly sorry.

Here you see the other side of the dress

Playing peek-a-boo or just showing your pretty pants and soft shirt?

Look the braids are long enough to wear them up .

I think it's so cute!

Well and she wanted to show her undies and warm socks...

(socks are not made by me)

The gnome she is looking at is from my dear friend Shannon from  The Pine Cone Gnome and it is actually a hand warmer!  


We have it pretty cold up here in the NWT right now (-35C/-31F)

so I had to make her a hat,coat and scarf.

Don't want her to get cold when she travels


Oh I hope her new mom likes her as much as I do.....

Custom Cuddle Dolls

I have been busy in the last few weeks beside my day job (at the local animal shelter) and finished a couple of custom dolls.                                             It feels so good to be working on dolls again, being creative.

So here they are: This little guy is traveling to Ontario...

And here is the little girl I made......This cutie has an additional diaper and purse added.

She will travel to the US

I also have this little sweetheart in the works.

Isn't she cute???

She will be a ready to go doll in my Etsy shop hopefully by next week.

I'm still making some accessories for her right now......

Keep checking in or follow me with bloglovin or my facebook page

for updates on  when she will be listed.

Some new fall items

Up here in the Northwest Territories fall is pretty much done but that doesn't mean I have to stop making fall items, right.

This year I added acorns and a couple of different leaves to the selection.

To see other items in my Nature table collection please click here and see my shop for ready to ship listings.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or to inquire about custom ordering.


I have been featured with my mushrooms by Lori of Beneath the Rowan Tree on her Waldorf Tuesday segment!

This is very exciting to me as I'm already a huge fan of Lori's creations for many years.

All the silks that I use in my pictures or as decorations on markets are from her.

Go and check out her beautiful website and the post!

I have a bunch of mushrooms and other fall items listed in my Etsy shop right now and you can also see other items I have made for fall and Nature tables here

If you would like to order items or have questions, please feel free to email me 


It has taken longer then I had hoped for , but now I can finally show you my finished sewing room . I'm so happy with my cozy creative space. The move gave me a chance to organize all my supply ,something I wanted to do for a loong time. It's just so much easier to be productive when you know what you have and where it is. That doesn't mean that it won't get messy. Messy is part of the artistic process. When I work it often looks like something exploded in my creative space, but afterwards it is cleaned up before I start a new project.

This little room will also double as guest room for my boys (who I miss a lot  !!) and family and friends as long as they aren't claustrophobic .  LOL 

So here now pictures of my kingdom! Light was not great, but you get the idea :)

Please click on the pictures to see a bigger version.


Full circle....

Many years ago when I was setting up my business I was looking for a business name that would have some relation to Canada. 

I came up with Polar Bear Creations (as you know) and my very talented sister-in-law drew the logo for me

So now we live in the North West Territories /north of 60 and guess what our licence plates are ?

Jup a polar bear!!!!  How cool is that?  

As if I had planned it .... I love it!!   :)