What is a Nature Table?
The Nature Table is a Waldorf inspired idea for your home or classroom to follow the circle of the year in nature , season and or festival.

It's a wonderful way for children to have a  hands on connection to the things that go on around them , to learn about nature and to contribute themselves. 
Children love to go for walks in nature and almost always collect things along the way. They can display those items, a pretty leaf, acorn, a snail house or flowers on the table among other things like toy mushrooms, little gnomes or fairies and toy animals.  
The Nature Table is not a static display but a place to touch, play and yes learn. Children learn best that way. The possibilities are endless.
I have made different Nature Table items , like for example mushrooms in different sizes and colors, leaves , tree stumps, logs, strawberries , gnomes .



My mushrooms are made from cotton velour and cotton fabric and stuffed 
with sheep wool.
They come in 3 different sizes:
- 10 inches   
-  7 inches    
-  5 inches  


I also make them with a heavy bottom so that they can stand alone (additional cost)


The leaves are made from cotton velour and have a little bit of sheep wool added as well. 
They measure around 6-7 inches depending on style.


Leaves and acorn play sets  are available including 6 acorns, 2 leaves and a fabric container.


Tree Stumps and Logs

The tree logs measure about 10 inches and are made from cotton velour and filled with sheep woo

These tree stumps are about 6 inches high and around 13 inches from root to root.
Made from cotton fabric and cotton velour and filled with soft fluffy sheep wool.