My animals are about 14 inches tall and made from cotton velour and cotton fabric.
They are stuffed with soft fluffy sheep wool and their faces are embroidered.
The clothing is removable and has Velcro closures.
No small parts!

Each critter comes with a dress or overall

Additional clothing can be purchased



My big owls are about 10 inches (26 cm) tall and made from all natural materials.
The body is made from cotton terry and the inside of the wings is cotton fabric .
I use clean carded sheep wool for stuffing.
Eyes and beak are embroidered.
All seams are sewn double !
No small parts and safe for children of all ages.






I also make 7" owls.

These owls have a fabric front belly and fabric inside of the wings.

This size is perfect for little hands.



I have a made a few bears last year too.
They are about 12 inches (30 cm), made from terry cloth and stuffed with soft fluffy sheep wool.
The face is embroidered.

No small parts!